Earn Bitcoin with Android Phone

Earn Bitcoin with Android Phone - Do you have an Android phone? Want to try to make money from an Android phone? I will give a trick how to get money from your android phone.

Our easy way is to exchange bitcoin to usd quickly and easily. This method can still be used until now, even though many mining bitcoin on an Android phone is no longer working.

Follow this method to completion, make sure you have an Android phone that is not used. Or if you want to use the main Android phone then make sure not to forget the charger because it will require a decent power. I use the ASUS Zenfone PRO M1 with 3GB of RAM can be strong 2 days without recharging the battery.

Install the electroneum application from googleplay and register yourself. You are mining ETN using as many electroneum applications as possible. After you have lots you can exchange ETN to BTC first. After the new exchange can be changed to USD. This method is the most powerful and easy considering that mining bitcoin now requires enormous power. Even if the rental of a cloud computer will not match the results. Hopefully useful.